Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Penrose Annual 1956 (Part 1. Post Office Printing)

The Penrose Annual, ran from 1895 to 1982. It was a London based yearly review of the graphic arts.

While the Graphis Annual is more or less a book full of reproductions, This copy of Penrose from 1956 (it's 60th jubilee publication) is quite articles heavy; covering trends in graphic arts, articles about graphic/typographic history and various technical articles. The second half is exclusively content from advertisers - print, type & paper samples.

The graphics below are all from an article about the Post Office (GPO), or Royal Mail as it's known as today.

Poster by M.Reiss (1955)

Poster by P.H.Huveneers (1954)

Poser by Tom Eckersley

Van Strip by Barbosa

Small poster by James Fitton

Small poster by Kenneth Farnhill

Small poster by Leonard Beaumont

Small poster by F.H.K Henrion

Poster by Leonard Beaumont

Text & photos © 2011 Gary Andrew Clarke 
Graphics & Illustrations © The Relevant Designers

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